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73174-01 - Forschungsseminar: Attention in Animal Ethics and Aesthetics 3 KP

Semester Herbstsemester 2024
Angebotsmuster einmalig
Dozierende Friederike Zenker (friederike.zenker@unibas.ch, BeurteilerIn)
Inhalt With this eikones summer school (Sept 4 – 6, 2024) we will focus on attention as a pivotal concept in rethinking human relations to other animals (e. g. Aaltola 2019, Gruen & Crary 2022, Donovan 2016, Panizza 2022, Pick 2018). The case for attention’s critical potential across species has been made particularly strongly in ethics (especially in moral realism, care ethics and feminist ethics more broadly), as well as in social epistemology, political philosophy, and aesthetics.

By anchoring our inquiry in attention, we propose it as a starting point for exploring the intersections of ethics and aesthetics, and for revisiting the study of animal representations. Our discussions, rooted in philosophical and ethical frameworks – especially in the works of Iris Murdoch and Simone Weil – will scrutinize the role of attention in moral life and aesthetic experience (e.g., in nature and everyday life, through art, visual culture, and literature). Simultaneously, this summer school aims to cultivate a platform for participants to engage with materials pertinent to their M.A. or doctoral projects, whether these are images, films and other artworks, or texts, which can be fruitfully understood through the lens of attention within human-animal relations (as well as its obstacles and failures).

The eikones summer school encompasses a wide range of topics such as empathy, representation, perception, and cultural attitudes towards animals. Throughout the week, we will collectively investigate a broad spectrum of interrelated topics, depending on the selected participants and their research interests and projects, and we have invited five exciting keynote lecturers from different disciplines to help us do so:
Anat Pick (Queen Mary University of London)
Jessica Ullrich (University of Fine Arts Münster),
Maude Ouellette-Dubé (Haut École Pédagogique Vaude & University of Fribourg)
Silvia Caprioglio Panizza (University of Pardubice & University College Dublin)
Susan McHugh (University of New England).

In addition, there will be a curated film program courtesy of Michał Matuszewski (University of Warsaw).
Literatur Preparatory literature will be provided in early July. A list of the reading material can be requested via eikones@unibas.ch from June 3.


Anmeldung zur Lehrveranstaltung The summer school is open to MA and PhD students. Number of participants is limited to 10 students based at the University of Basel. In addition to registering via Unibas services, please send your application to eikones@unibas.ch by 24 June, 2024. Please provide a motivational letter, briefly explaining your interest in participating in the summer school. You will receive a reply from us no later than July 8, 2024. The summer school will also be attended by 10 international candidates from other universities. For enquiries, please contact Friederike Zenker. More information is also available at www.bildundkritik.ch.
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Mittwoch 04.09.2024 09.00-18.00 Uhr Rheinsprung 11, Forum 208
Donnerstag 05.09.2024 09.00-18.00 Uhr Rheinsprung 11, Forum 208
Freitag 06.09.2024 09.00-18.00 Uhr Rheinsprung 11, Forum 208
Module Doktorat Kunstgeschichte: Empfehlungen (Promotionsfach: Kunstgeschichte)
Doktorat Philosophie: Empfehlungen (Promotionsfach: Philosophie)
Modul: Kunsthistorische Projektarbeit (Master Studiengang: Kunstgeschichte und Bildtheorie)
Modul: Kunsttheorie und Methodik (Master Studiengang: Kunstgeschichte und Bildtheorie)
Modul: Kunsttheorie und Methodik (Master Studienfach: Kunstgeschichte)
Modul: Praktische Philosophie (Master Studienfach: Philosophie)
Modul: Praxis und Forschung (Master Studienfach: Kunstgeschichte)
Modul: Profil: Bildtheorie und Bildgeschichte (Master Studiengang: Kunstgeschichte und Bildtheorie)
Modul: Profil: Moderne (Master Studiengang: Kunstgeschichte und Bildtheorie)
Leistungsüberprüfung Lehrveranst.-begleitend
Hinweise zur Leistungsüberprüfung Participants will be expected to familiarize themselves with a selection of readings and visual material in an asynchronous learning phase before the program, and to present and discuss one piece of material (image, film sequence, literary text) relevant to their research interest during the summer school.
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Zuständige Fakultät Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät, studadmin-philhist@unibas.ch
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