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54850-01 - Vorlesung mit Kolloquium: Themes of Changing Societies 3 KP

Semester Frühjahrsemester 2019
Angebotsmuster Jedes Frühjahrsem.
Inhalt Societal questions and problems are complex and they are shaped by an enormous diversity of influences and developments. Therefore, it is crucial to research societies and social groups from different perspectives and apply a range of theoretical and methodological approaches from multiple scientific disciplines.
This lecture serves as an introductory course to the MSG Changing Societies and follows the course “Concepts of Changing Societes” (52445-01) in which key concepts pertinent to understanding past and present societal issues and changes were presented. The course this semester serves to deepen the themes presented in the last course. Each lecture is taught by a different lecturer from the University of Basel. Thus, students will learn about a range of current themes and research fields related to the key areas of the MSG Changing Societes (migration, conflict, and resources) which are researched by scholars at the University of Basel.


20.02.2019: Fighting for the Human Rights of Refugees on Manus Island (Abdul Aziz Muhamat)
27.02.2019: Peacebuilding and Migration (Laurent Goetschel)
06.03.2019: «building» states in other continents? (Dominik Balthasar)
13.03.2019: FASNACHT (no class)
20.03.2019: The globalization of social inequality (Laure Sandoz)
27.03.2019: “Greening the Megacity: The Contest over Nature as Resource and Strategy (Aylin B. Yildirim Tschoepe)
03.04.2019: European Border Regime: Past, present, future challenges (Bilgin Ayata)
10.04.2019: Governance of Sufficiency (Annika Sohre)
17.04.2019: Nuclear Waste Disposal in Switzerland (Rony Emmenegge)
24.04.2019: Decision-making in international Organizations (Stefanie Bailer)
01.05.2019: LABOR DAY (no class)
08.05.2019: Corporate Sustainability (Max Bergman)
15.05.2019: Narrating "changing societies". On the imagination of sociality (Sebastian Dümling)
22.05.2019: Change from the Perspective of Gender Studies (Dominique Grisard)
29.05.2019: EXAM


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Intervall wöchentlich
Datum 20.02.2019 – 29.05.2019
Zeit Mittwoch, 18.15-19.45 Kollegienhaus, Hörsaal 114
Datum Zeit Raum
Mittwoch 20.02.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Kollegienhaus, Aula 033
Mittwoch 27.02.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Kollegienhaus, Hörsaal 114
Mittwoch 06.03.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Kollegienhaus, Hörsaal 114
Mittwoch 13.03.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Fasnachtsferien
Mittwoch 20.03.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Kollegienhaus, Hörsaal 114
Mittwoch 27.03.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Kollegienhaus, Hörsaal 114
Mittwoch 03.04.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Kollegienhaus, Hörsaal 114
Mittwoch 10.04.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Kollegienhaus, Hörsaal 114
Mittwoch 17.04.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Kollegienhaus, Hörsaal 114
Mittwoch 24.04.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Kollegienhaus, Hörsaal 114
Mittwoch 01.05.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Tag der Arbeit
Mittwoch 08.05.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Kollegienhaus, Hörsaal 114
Mittwoch 15.05.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Kollegienhaus, Hörsaal 114
Mittwoch 22.05.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Kollegienhaus, Hörsaal 114
Mittwoch 29.05.2019 18.15-19.45 Uhr Kollegienhaus, Hörsaal 114
Module Modul "Research Lab" Kulturanthropologie (Master Studienfach Kulturanthropologie)
Modul: Erweiterung Gesellschaftswissenschaften M.A. (Master Studienfach Politikwissenschaft)
Modul: Fields: Environment and Development (Master Studiengang African Studies)
Modul: Fields: Governance and Politics (Master Studiengang African Studies)
Modul: Projects and Processes of Urbanization (Master Studiengang Critical Urbanisms)
Modul: Theories for Understanding Changing Societies (Master Studiengang Changing Societies: Migration – Conflicts – Resources )
Modul: Ungleichheit, Konflikt, Kultur (Master Studienfach Soziologie)
Vertiefungsmodul Global Europe: Arbeit, Migration und Gesellschaft (Masterstudium: European Global Studies)
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