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15999-01 - Vorlesung mit Übungen: Globalization of Water Resources 3 KP

Semester Herbstsemester 2020
Angebotsmuster unregelmässig
Dozierende Hong Yang (hong.yang@unibas.ch, BeurteilerIn)
Inhalt - Global status of water resources from the physical, economic and environmental viewpoints: facts and flaws;
- the concept of virtual water and the role of virtual water trade in redistributing global water resources;
- the motivation of virtual water trade and the notion of comparative advantage;
- methodological issues concerning the study of the globalisation of water resources;
- interdisciplinary approaches, combining natural and social sciences, modelling and GIS techniques, in assessing the global virtual water flows and the trade-offs involved in the trade;
- the role of the EU in global virtual water trade;
- a brief introduction of other forms of global water trade, e.g., bottled water trade;
- implications of globalisation of water resources for regional and national food, water and environmental policies.
Lernziele The aims of the couse are:
- To introduce different perspectives in assessing the global water resources and water challenges facing the world today and in the coming years;
- to introduce the concept of virtual water and its role in redistributing global water resources through the trade of food and other commodities;
- to understand the repercussions of the globalisation of water resources to the sustainability of economic development and the environment in both the developing and developed countries.
Literatur Allan, J.A., 1997. "Virtual water: A long term solution for water short Middle Eastern Economies?". Occasional Paper, SOAS Water Issues Group, King's Collage, UK.
Yang, H., Reichert, P., Abbaspour, K., Zehnder, A.J.B., 2003. "A water resources threshold and its implications for food security". Environmental Science and Technology 37(14): 3048-3054.
Yang, H., Wang, L., Abbaspour, K, Zehnder, A.J.B., 2006. "Virtual water highway: assessment of water use efficiency in global virtual water trade". Hydrological and Earth Systems Science.
Bemerkungen Within the MSD credit points may be transferred to the module "Focal Areas in Sustainability Research" (learning agreement) (all students). Students with focus area in natural sciences may accredit the course within the published module.

Dayly classes from 25. to 29. January 2021/from 9.15 to 18h (breaks according to announcement of lecturer).

This lecture is offered by MSD. The lecturer, Prof. Dr. H. Yang, is honory professor at Unibas, she works at EAWAG.


Teilnahmebedingungen Special course application required for ALL (for details see 'course application' or 'Anmeldung').

Limited number of participants (25). Students of the MSD, MSD preparation semester or IJDSD have a first priority.
If you study something different you must do at least a master's degree within the Departement of Enviromental Sciences (Faculty of Sciences) and may attend the course in case of vacancies.

Students of the MSD who have chosen the focus area in social sciences or in economics must have completed the 'Complementary Knowledge in Natural Sciences' module (or at least earned 8 CP).
Anmeldung zur Lehrveranstaltung Mandatory course application for ALL: Link open from 19.08.20/noon:

Login and application possible from 19.08.20/noon on. Login button on top row right hand side of ADAM website. First emails with confirmation of participation will be sent out at the end of week 36.
In case of vacancies the online application link remains open until the day before the course registration closes on MOnA.

NOTE: Be aware of special entry requirements. Course inscription via MOnA remains mandatory for all participants.
Unterrichtssprache Englisch
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Intervall Block
Datum 25.01.2021 – 29.01.2021
Zeit Siehe Detailangaben

Block: 25.-29.01.2021; 09.15-18.00h.

Datum Zeit Raum
Montag 25.01.2021 09.15-18.00 Uhr Alte Universität, Seminarraum -201
Dienstag 26.01.2021 09.15-18.00 Uhr Alte Universität, Seminarraum -201
Mittwoch 27.01.2021 09.15-18.00 Uhr Alte Universität, Seminarraum -201
Donnerstag 28.01.2021 09.15-18.00 Uhr Alte Universität, Seminarraum -201
Freitag 29.01.2021 09.15-18.00 Uhr Alte Universität, Seminarraum -201
Module Modul: Kernbereich Naturwissenschaften (Masterstudium: Sustainable Development)
Leistungsüberprüfung Leistungsnachweis
Hinweise zur Leistungsüberprüfung Regular attendance (mandatory), oral presentation, written assessment at the end of the bloc course. Details tba at the beginning of the lecture.
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Zuständige Fakultät Universität Basel
Anbietende Organisationseinheit Departement Umweltwissenschaften