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59017-01 - Seminar: Selected research topics in Biomedical Engineering - Medically Relevant Experiments with Synchrotron Radiation 2 KP

Semester Herbstsemester 2020
Angebotsmuster einmalig
Dozierende Bert Müller (bert.mueller@unibas.ch, BeurteilerIn)
Georg Schulz (georg.schulz@unibas.ch)
Inhalt Medically relevant experiments with synchrotron radiation
Lernziele X rays have been used for medical imaging since Röntgen's fascinating discovery in 1895. The first radiographs appeared less than a month after his famous paper on X rays. Conventional X-ray sources integrated into the CT machines of today’s hospitals still rely on the same principles. Synchrotron radiation was discovered more than 50 years after the discovery of X rays, offering unique flux/brilliance, polarization and pulsed time structure. Therefore, dedicated experiments such as phase contrast imaging, microbeam therapy and spatially resolved small-angle X-ray scattering can be performed at synchrotron radiation facilities. Within this seminar series, beamline scientists and users will introduce the unique options for synchrotron radiation-based experiments and report on a variety of medically relevant approaches to diagnose and treat diseases. These approaches are focused on the three-dimensional imaging of soft and hard tissues in health and disease down to the molecular scale. The participants are invited to discuss future collaborations with the speaker’s teams from Sweden, France, UK, and Germany with the aim to characterize their objects of interest with world-leading instrumentation.


Unterrichtssprache Englisch
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Intervall unregelmässig
Datum 16.09.2020 – 02.12.2020
Zeit Siehe Detailangaben
Datum Zeit Raum
Mittwoch 16.09.2020 14.15-17.00 Uhr ZLF, Grosser Hörsaal
Mittwoch 23.09.2020 13.30-17.00 Uhr ZLF, Grosser Hörsaal
Mittwoch 30.09.2020 13.30-17.00 Uhr ZLF, Grosser Hörsaal
Mittwoch 18.11.2020 13.30-17.00 Uhr ZLF, Grosser Hörsaal
Mittwoch 02.12.2020 13.30-17.00 Uhr ZLF, Kleiner Hörsaal
Module Doktorat Biomedizinische Technik: Empfehlungen (Promotionsfach Biomedizinische Technik)
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Zuständige Fakultät Medizinische Fakultät
Anbietende Organisationseinheit Departement Biomedical Engineering (DBE)