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22641-01 - Vorlesung: Competitive Strategy 3 KP

Semester Frühjahrsemester 2021
Angebotsmuster unregelmässig
Dozierende Jeffrey Macher (jeffrey.macher@unibas.ch, BeurteilerIn)
Inhalt Political, economic, demographic and social environments differ and evolve across industries. Industries differ in the extent to which they provide opportunities for sustained profitability. Industries also evolve over time, providing firms with continuously changing opportunities and threats. The first section of the course examines the external environment.
While industry analysis provides firms insights into what they must do to succeed, it does not shed much light on what they can do. Resource and capability analysis provides an insight into firms’ strengths and weaknesses (as they relate to the external environment). An understanding of internal strengths enables firms to fully exploit and build their capabilities to compete successfully, while an understanding of internal weaknesses suggests recommendations for improvement. The second section of the course focuses examines the internal environment.
Firms in an industry jockey for position through their actions and interactions. Every firm seeks to obtain a unique and sustainable competitive position through an appropriate configuration of its assets and products in relation to the external environment in order to generate superior value for its customers. The third and fourth sections of the course examine competitive positioning, advantage, and dynamics.
Lernziele Competitive Strategy is concerned with managing the development and competitive position of the business enterprise in order to ensure its survival and long-term success. Every firm must create and sustain a competitive advantage if it is to survive and prosper. This course provides frameworks, tools and concepts to help students analyze and understand the creation and sustainability of competitive advantage.
Literatur Course materials consist of journal articles, notes, and cases. Journal articles represent some of the most popular Harvard Business Review articles on strategy and strategic concepts, and are designated HBS in the syllabus. Journal articles require registration and purchase and are available at the HBS course. The cost for the HBS course material is roughly $30. For further details, please see the syllabus.
Bemerkungen This course is part of the Summer School in Law, Business and Economic Policy.

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Teilnahmebedingungen Solid understanding of business and economics on the BA level.

Game Theory and Theory of the Firm (40106)
Product Management (Produktmanagement, 10653)
Advanced International Trade and Business (10625)
Anmeldung zur Lehrveranstaltung All applications have to be processed through the Summer School office. Please fill in the application form, which can be found on the weblink: https://wwz.unibas.ch/de/application-enrollment/
The online application is open from 5 March until 29 March 2021. Applications that are submitted by 15 March (23:59) will be handled on a priority basis.
For more information, please visit the Summer School website: https://wwz.unibas.ch/de/summerschool/
The enrollment for the course is at the same time the final registration for the exam! If there are still vacancies, we will accept late applications until 31 May 2021.
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Datum 01.03.2021 – 04.06.2021
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Module Vertiefungsmodul: Marketing and Strategic Management (Masterstudium: Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
Leistungsüberprüfung Semesterendprüfung
Hinweise zur Leistungsüberprüfung Grading will be based on your performance in class participation, two case write-up submissions, and a final exam. More details will follow.
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Zuständige Fakultät Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät / WWZ, studiendekanat-wwz@unibas.ch
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