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62348-01 - Seminar: Charismatic Wildlife and Vermin Species - Past and Present Human- Wildlife Relations in Southern Africa and Switzerland 3 KP

Semester Herbstsemester 2021
Angebotsmuster einmalig
Dozierende Luregn Lenggenhager (luregn.lenggenhager@unibas.ch, BeurteilerIn)
Inhalt In contexts of growing habitat loss and climate change, human relations with and within nature are increasingly fraught. Both historically and currently, one place where this results in conflict is human-wildlife contact zones (national parks, conservancies, farms). This seminar looks at such zones and how human-wildlife relations are structuring interspecies societies in Southern Africa and Switzerland in the 20th and 21st century. In contemporary Southern Africa, human-wildlife relations are the result of colonial and apartheid history and still play a crucial economic and ideological role. Colonial understandings of human-wildlife relations were hierarchical: they established a normative differentiation of fauna, for example, by distinguishing between vermin, such as jackals, and so-called ‘royal game’ like elephants. These differentiations in turn justified the establishment of a hierarchy between humans, contesting the very humanity of colonized people. Switzerland, in contrast, has mostly been spared the ‘downgrading’ of groups of people to the domain of the non-human (Bätzing 2015). However, also in Switzerland, shifts in animal hierarchies have occurred as well and they are increasingly debated in the public. In the seminar, we will draw on Southern African case studies and academic debates and will discuss how far they can also help to understand transformation of human-wildlife relations in Switzerland, e.g. the reintroduction of the wolf or the beaver.


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