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55408-01 - Seminar: Future Mobilities 3 KP

Semester Herbstsemester 2021
Angebotsmuster unregelmässig
Dozierende Paul Burger (paul.burger@unibas.ch, BeurteilerIn)
Inhalt Application not possible anymore. No enrollment on MOnA possible anymore.

Modern mobility is an asset for our quality of life as well as a burden for our socio-ecological system. The well-known burdens include the strong emissions coming from fossil fuel based transportation services such as cars or planes, its heavy land use (airports, streets etc.) or high costs for infrastructure. The assets encompass opportunities to get in touch with other cultures, to experience historic monuments or beautiful landscapes or to establish a European or even global rather than a national identity by being connected to many different places. Mobility is normally related to an individual or social purpose (commuting, leisure, vacation, shopping, conferences etc.). Against the backdrop of the heavy burdens stemming from modern mobility patterns, however, not only the means for mobility, especially cars and planes, but also the purposes have become seriously challenged. Accordingly, the fundamental question in transforming the current to a more sustainable mobility system is in what respect the emissions could be substantially reduced by considering at the same time in what respect the assets should/could be transformed/safeguarded.
Lernziele The goal of the seminar is to provide the student a social science based knapsack to analytically deal with future mobilities. This includes among others an understanding of mobility in terms of (strongly routinized) social interactions, approaches in and evidence from recent research on the relation between quality of life and mobility, or insights from research on future mobility trends (including digitization).
Literatur Tba in class.
Bemerkungen Note: Special course inscription and entry requirements!

Students with focus area in social sciences may accredit the course within the published module. In general, within the MSD credit points may be transferred to the module "Focal Areas in Sustainability Research" (learning agreement).

This seminar is offered by the MSD. Prof. Dr. Paul Burger is a member of the teaching committee MSD and head of the Sustainability Research Group, Dep. of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Teilnahmebedingungen Special course application required for ALL (for details see 'course application' or 'Anmeldung').

Limited number of participants (17). Students of the MSD (incl. preparation semester or IJDSD) have a first priority; those of the mentioned fields of study (see list of modules) have a second priority.

If you study something different you must do at least a master's degree within the Department of Social Sciences (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) and may attend the seminar in case of vacancies.

Students of the MSD who have chosen the focus area in natural sciences or in economics must have completed the 'Complementary Knowledge in Social Sciences' module (or at least earned 8 CP out 12 CP).
Anmeldung zur Lehrveranstaltung Mandatory application for ALL! Link open from 19.08.21/noon-05.09.21/midnight: https://adam.unibas.ch/goto_adam_fold_744967.html

Login and application possible from 19.08.21/noon on. Login button on top row right hand side of ADAM website. First emails with confirmation of participation will be sent out at the end of the first deadline.

In case of vacancies the online application link remains open until 30.09.21/noon.

Course enrollment on MOnA should be completed by the beginning of the teaching period (withdrawal possible until Monday of week five).
Unterrichtssprache Englisch
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Intervall wöchentlich
Datum 22.09.2021 – 22.12.2021
Zeit Mittwoch, 08.15-10.00 Rosshofgasse (Schnitz)
Datum Zeit Raum
Mittwoch 22.09.2021 08.15-10.00 Uhr --, --
Mittwoch 29.09.2021 08.15-10.00 Uhr --, --
Mittwoch 06.10.2021 08.15-10.00 Uhr --, --
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Mittwoch 20.10.2021 08.15-10.00 Uhr --, --
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Mittwoch 03.11.2021 08.15-10.00 Uhr --, --
Mittwoch 10.11.2021 08.15-10.00 Uhr --, --
Mittwoch 17.11.2021 08.15-10.00 Uhr --, --
Mittwoch 24.11.2021 08.15-10.00 Uhr --, --
Mittwoch 01.12.2021 08.15-10.00 Uhr --, --
Mittwoch 08.12.2021 08.15-10.00 Uhr --, --
Mittwoch 15.12.2021 08.15-10.00 Uhr --, --
Mittwoch 22.12.2021 08.15-10.00 Uhr --, --
Module Modul: Kernbereich Gesellschaftswissenschaften (Masterstudium: Sustainable Development)
Modul: Migration, Mobility and Transnationalism (Master Studiengang Changing Societies: Migration – Conflicts – Resources )
Vertiefungsmodul Global Europe: Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeit (Masterstudium: European Global Studies)
Leistungsüberprüfung Lehrveranst.-begleitend
Hinweise zur Leistungsüberprüfung Regular attendance mandatory, required readings, oral presentation, essay. Details according to information of P. Burger.
An-/Abmeldung zur Leistungsüberprüfung An-/Abmelden: Belegen resp. Stornieren der Belegung via MOnA
Wiederholungsprüfung keine Wiederholungsprüfung
Skala 1-6 0,1
Wiederholtes Belegen beliebig wiederholbar
Zuständige Fakultät Universität Basel
Anbietende Organisationseinheit Fachbereich Nachhaltigkeitsforschung