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12754-01 - Vorlesung: Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions 3 KP

Semester Herbstsemester 2021
Angebotsmuster Jedes Herbstsemester
Dozierende Yakov Amihud (yakov.amihud@unibas.ch, BeurteilerIn)
Inhalt This course will present the theories and empirical evidence on corporate control transactions, the process of evaluating acquisition targets and its application in practice. Findings on the reaction of stock prices to information on control transactions will be used to analyze the effects of various policy options in such transactions. Strategies of acquisition will be studied as well as defensive measures against them, their purpose and their consequences. The class will combine lecture material, quantitative and qualitative analyses and discussions of relevant news. There will be an emphasis on fundamental concepts of valuation and other areas of corporate finance related to M&As.
Note: This is a demanding course in terms of rigor, homework and readings (it is partly quantitative). You need to have knowledge in finance, especially corporate finance.
Students are encouraged to bring up issues and events associated with material covered in class. Please coordinate with me in advance.
Literatur Class notes will be provided in class and posted on the course’s web site (ADAM) after the class.
Textbook (recommended): Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructurings by Patrick Gaughan, John Wiley 2018, 7th edition. You can use the 2015, 6th edition, reading marked by {…}, or 2011 5th edition – readings marked by {{ … }}.
Chapter numbers in [.] = skim, “esp.” = this is especially important. The book has a new edition, but you can buy this edition more cheaply on the Internet.
Case study: Cooper Industries (see also course outline)
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Teilnahmebedingungen Recommended Prerequisites:
Solid understanding of business and economics on the BA level
Corporate Finance (10138)
Intermediate Finance (42778)
Macroeconomics and Finance (40105)
Anmeldung zur Lehrveranstaltung Please register by sending an email to summerschool-wwz@unibas.ch no later than by 31 May 2021.
All further information can be found on the website of the Summer School.
The enrollment for the course is at the same time the final registration for the exam!.

Unterrichtssprache Englisch
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Intervall Block
Datum 02.08.2021 – 12.08.2021
Zeit Siehe Detailangaben
Datum Zeit Raum
Montag 02.08.2021 15.00-17.30 Uhr - Online Präsenz -, --
Dienstag 03.08.2021 15.00-17.30 Uhr - Online Präsenz -, --
Mittwoch 04.08.2021 15.00-17.30 Uhr - Online Präsenz -, --
Donnerstag 05.08.2021 15.00-17.30 Uhr - Online Präsenz -, --
Montag 09.08.2021 15.00-17.30 Uhr - Online Präsenz -, --
Dienstag 10.08.2021 15.00-17.30 Uhr - Online Präsenz -, --
Mittwoch 11.08.2021 15.00-17.30 Uhr - Online Präsenz -, --
Donnerstag 12.08.2021 15.00-17.30 Uhr - Online Präsenz -, --
Module Modul: Business Field: Strategy and Organization (Masterstudium: Business and Technology)
Modul: Specific Electives in Business and Economics (Masterstudium: Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
Modul: Specific Electives in Labor Economics, Human Resources and Organization (Masterstudium: Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
Vertiefungsmodul Global Europe: Handel und Unternehmen in der Globalisierung (Masterstudium: European Global Studies)
Vertiefungsmodul: Labour Economics, Human Resources and Organization (Masterstudium: Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Studienbeginn vor 01.08.2021))
Leistungsüberprüfung Leistungsnachweis
Hinweise zur Leistungsüberprüfung Homework: 35%
Final exam: 65 %
Date of final (online) exam: 17 August, 2021, 14:00 - 15:00.
Class participation may help in marginal cases.
An-/Abmeldung zur Leistungsüberprüfung An- und Abmelden: Fakultät
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Skala 1-6 0,1
Wiederholtes Belegen beliebig wiederholbar
Zuständige Fakultät Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät / WWZ, studiendekanat-wwz@unibas.ch
Anbietende Organisationseinheit Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät / WWZ