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41129-01 - Vorlesung mit Übungen: Advanced Statistics: Analysing quality of care data 3 KP

Semester Frühjahrsemester 2022
Angebotsmuster Jedes Frühjahrsem.
Dozierende Catherine Blatter (catherine.blatter@unibas.ch)
Sarah Naima Musy (sarah.musy@unibas.ch)
Michael Simon (m.simon@unibas.ch, BeurteilerIn)
Inhalt • A lecture-seminar-workshop format will be used.
• The complete process from conceptualizing, analyzing, and presenting data of quality-of-care data will be used.
• Regression-based techniques for between provider comparisons (provider profiling)
• Statistical process control to describe quality of care over time within organizations.
Lernziele According to the WHO quality health care can be defined in many ways, but quality health services should be: effective, safe, and people-centered. To realize these benefits health services must be: timely, equitable, integrated, and efficient [1]. In order to achieve these goals multiple approaches exists, with data-driven quality improvement and public reporting as key means to describe and assess quality of care. The goal of this course is to introduce students to two areas of quantitative data analysis, which are commonly used in applied analyses of quality-of-care data: provider profiling and statistical process control.

With the successful completion of the course students will be able to:
1. Describe basic concepts of quality of care and their theoretical underpinnings
2. Develop an appropriate question in the context of quality of care and the available data.
3. Evaluate the scope and limitations of the available quality of care data.
4. Analyze quality of care data with your own or a provided data set
5. Present and discuss quality of care data with different audiences

[1] https://www.who.int/health-topics/quality-of-care#tab=tab_1
Literatur Please bring your own laptop with installed R and RStudio.
Literature is available on ADAM.
Bemerkungen Slides, data & code will be available on ADAM.
Sessions will be recorded and posted on Panopto.
Weblink Login ADAM


Teilnahmebedingungen Successful completion of Statistics I (LV10537) & II (LV 10538)
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Unterrichtssprache Englisch
Einsatz digitaler Medien Online-Angebot obligatorisch


Intervall wöchentlich
Datum 23.02.2022 – 15.06.2022
Zeit Mittwoch, 10.00-16.00 Bernoullistrasse 28, Seminarraum U01
Datum Zeit Raum
Mittwoch 23.02.2022 10.00-16.00 Uhr Bernoullistrasse 30/32, kleiner Hörsaal 120
Mittwoch 02.03.2022 10.00-16.00 Uhr - Online Präsenz -, --
Mittwoch 16.03.2022 10.00-16.00 Uhr Bernoullistrasse 30/32, kleiner Hörsaal 120
Mittwoch 30.03.2022 10.00-16.00 Uhr Bernoullistrasse 30/32, kleiner Hörsaal 120
Mittwoch 20.04.2022 10.00-16.00 Uhr - Online Präsenz -, --
Mittwoch 04.05.2022 10.00-12.00 Uhr es findet kein Unterricht statt
Mittwoch 18.05.2022 09.00-12.00 Uhr Bernoullistrasse 28, Seminarraum U01
Mittwoch 15.06.2022 09.00-12.20 Uhr Bernoullistrasse 28, Seminarraum 7
Module Modul Vertiefung Research (Masterstudium: Pflegewissenschaft)
Leistungsüberprüfung Lehrveranst.-begleitend
Hinweise zur Leistungsüberprüfung The exams consist of a 10-minute oral presentation including 10-minute discussion.
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Zuständige Fakultät Medizinische Fakultät
Anbietende Organisationseinheit Institut für Pflegewissenschaft