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67114-01 - Kolloquium: Changing Societies 3 KP

Semester Herbstsemester 2022
Angebotsmuster einmalig
Dozierende Basil Bornemann (basil.bornemann@unibas.ch)
Claske Dijkema (claske.dijkema@unibas.ch)
Jamie Pring (jamie.pring@unibas.ch)
Katrin Sontag (katrin.sontag@unibas.ch)
Inhalt This colloquium is meant for students of the MA Changing Societies, who are in the process of designing or writing their master’s thesis, or writing a seminar paper. They are invited to share their work in a collective setting, receive feedback from the Teaching Team and provide peer feedback.
Students at different stages of developing a master’s thesis or seminar paper are welcome: from students who want to share their first ideas, to students who have developed initial research designs, to those who already want to discuss first analysis results. In the mindset of working together and learning from each other, theoretical, methodological, and empirical questions regarding the individual research design, but also practical aspects like time management and the writing process can be addressed. There will also be space to talk about the fascinating as well as possibly frustrating moments in the research process and related coping strategies.
The course includes an information session about the oral exams.
One session on Current practice in changing societies will be dedicated to exchange with invited practitioners on how they engage with the challenges of changing societies in their work. Also, students not participating in the colloquium are welcome to join this particular session.


Unterrichtssprache Deutsch
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Intervall 14-täglich
Datum 19.09.2022 – 12.12.2022
Zeit Montag, 14.15-17.45 Alte Universität, Besprechung 003
Datum Zeit Raum
Montag 19.09.2022 14.15-17.45 Uhr --, --
Montag 03.10.2022 14.15-17.45 Uhr Alte Universität, Besprechung 003
Montag 17.10.2022 14.15-17.45 Uhr Alte Universität, Besprechung 003
Montag 31.10.2022 14.15-17.45 Uhr Alte Universität, Besprechung 003
Montag 14.11.2022 14.15-17.45 Uhr Alte Universität, Besprechung 003
Montag 28.11.2022 14.15-17.45 Uhr Alte Universität, Besprechung 003
Montag 12.12.2022 14.15-17.45 Uhr Alte Universität, Besprechung 003
Module Modul: Changing Societies Lab (Master Studiengang Changing Societies: Migration – Conflicts – Resources )
Leistungsüberprüfung Lehrveranst.-begleitend
Hinweise zur Leistungsüberprüfung Students who want to receive credits for this course give 1-2 presentations of max 20 minutes on the current state of their master’s thesis or seminar paper, provide active feedback to others, and are present in at least 6 out of 7 sessions .
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Zuständige Fakultät Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät, studadmin-philhist@unibas.ch
Anbietende Organisationseinheit Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften