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67658-01 - Praktikum: Das Basler Afrika-Forschungsnetzwerk und seine Geschichte: Umsetzen einer Ausstellung 3 KP

Semester Frühjahrsemester 2023
Angebotsmuster einmalig
Dozierende Alice Spinnler (alice.spinnler@unibas.ch, BeurteilerIn)
Reto Ulrich (reto.ulrich@unibas.ch)
Inhalt English Title: The History of the Basel’s Network of Research on Africa: the Making of an Exhibition

With the university's clear commitment to research on, in, with and for Africa, Basel has become a national and international centre for interdisciplinary African research. Such development is based on a longer tradition of academic engagements with Africa within the region of Basel. Hence, Basel is home to a unique concentration of institutions related to Africa, including the Swiss Tropical- and Public Health-Institute, the Museum der Kulturen Basel, the Mission 21 as well as the Basler Afrika Bibliographien, all of them characterised by decades of experience.

Why is it in Basel, in Switzerland, of all places, that such an accumulation of institutions related to the African continent with international appeal is to be found? Who are the people who acted in between these institutions and built the research and relationship networks between the institutions?
These questions constitute the subject of an exhibition, which will be displayed at the University Library Basel from August to November 2023. The exhibition illustrates the individual as well as the collective history of these Basel institutions. The content-related engagement with the topic will be conducted by taking into account the discourses of the decolonisation of collections and knowledge.
The exhibition has the purpose to accomplish a long overdue critical and differentiated examination of the history of Basel's institutional research on and with Africa, all of which will be conceived and developed within a collaborative framework with the students, who will profit from the experience by acquiring additional knowledge in the fields of planning and staging of an exhibition, of academic writing and of institutional politics.


Anmeldung zur Lehrveranstaltung We kindly ask the interested students to apply by sending a motivation letter to ru@baslerafrika.ch or alice.spinnler@unibas.ch until the 4.2.2023. The maximal number of participants depends on the number of applications (but cannot exceed 10 students). The specified time slot will be used only at the beginning of the course. Most of the time a flexible working model will be applied.
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Modul: Forschung und Praxis (Master Studienfach: Osteuropäische Geschichte)
Modul: Interdisciplinary and Applied African Studies (Master Studiengang: African Studies)
Modul: Transfer: Praktikum (Master Studiengang: Europäische Geschichte in globaler Perspektive )
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