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70777-01 - Exkursion: The Mission at Home: Pietism and Imperialism in Basel and Southwest Germany 3 KP

Semester Frühjahrsemester 2024
Angebotsmuster einmalig
Dozierende Ernest Sewordor (ernest.sewordor@unibas.ch, BeurteilerIn)
Julia Tischler (julia.tischler@unibas.ch)


Anmeldung zur Lehrveranstaltung The excursion traces the history of the Basel Mission and its missionaries with a view to their engagement in colonial Ghana. We will spend several days working on selected research projects in the Basel Mission archive at mission21 (Missionsstrasse). In addition, we will travel to several towns in southern Germany, where most of the BM’s missionaries in the 19th and early 20th centuries came from in order to investigate local museums and archives. Another component involves oral history with descendants of missionaries.

This one-week excursion is a collaboration between the University of Basel, the Akrofi-Christaller-Institute (ACI) in Akropong, and the Department of History of the University of Ghana to explore the joint material and immaterial heritage of the BM. Students from Ghana and from Basel will work together on research projects involving archival work, observation, and oral history interviews. Students will write a research paper (which can ideally be part of an MA thesis) and contribute to a joint website.

Participating students must have taken the preparatory seminar “What’s God Got to Do with It” (fall term 2023) AND/OR the seminar “The Mission at Home” (spring 2024). Also, they will be asked to contribute 200 CHF to their own travel expenses (reductions can be granted).
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Module Modul: Areas: Afrika (Master Studiengang: Europäische Geschichte in globaler Perspektive )
Modul: Europäisierung und Globalisierung (Masterstudium: European Global Studies)
Modul: Fields: Knowledge Production and Transfer (Master Studiengang: African Studies)
Modul: Interdisciplinary and Applied African Studies (Master Studiengang: African Studies)
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