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70942-01 - Vorlesung mit Übungen: Implementation Research for Health Service Delivery 1 KP

Semester Frühjahrsemester 2024
Angebotsmuster Jedes Frühjahrsem.
Dozierende Aita Signorell (aita.signorell@unibas.ch, BeurteilerIn)
Inhalt Implementation research for health service delivery is a multidisciplinary field of research that focuses on the systematic investigation of strategies, methods, and processes for effectively integrating evidence-based medical interventions into routine clinical practice and healthcare delivery systems. The main goal of implementation research for health service delivery is to bridge the gap between scientific discovery and practical application to ensure that new medications and treatments are effectively adopted, utilized, and sustained in real-world healthcare settings.

- Introduction to implementation research
- The "Know-Do" gap
- Defining implementation research question
- Frameworks and models in implementation research
- Contextual analysis
- Strategies for implementation
- IR Outcomes & explanatory factors of implementation outcomes
- Research designs
- Stakeholder and policy engagement
Lernziele - The main objective is to increase understanding of the challenges of implementation in healthcare, with an emphasis on low resource settings, and convey in-depth knowledge concerning theories, models and frameworks
- Students will learn to critically assess implementation problems, and to develop context-appropriate implementation strategies and analyse their outcomes
Literatur Supporting literature will be provided throughout the course.
Bemerkungen This is an in-person course that is not recorded. The course combines a format of lecture and seminar, problem-based learning is the basis of teaching.

Additional lecturers:
Fenella Beynon


Teilnahmebedingungen Basic understanding of epidemiological concepts and research designs.
Anmeldung zur Lehrveranstaltung Students who wish to participate in this course will need to subscribe via MOnA and send an additional email expressing their interest for participation to Aita Signorell (aita.signorell@swisstph.ch). Students who do not register with Aita Signorell will not be considered for participation!
The number of students for this course is limited to maximum 10. Selection will be first come first served, based on the date and time of registration with Aita Signorell.
Unterrichtssprache Englisch
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Intervall Wochentag Zeit Raum
wöchentlich Dienstag 14.15-16.00 Swiss TPH Neubau, Seminarraum 2


Datum Zeit Raum
Dienstag 09.04.2024 14.15-16.00 Uhr Swiss TPH Neubau, Seminarraum 2
Dienstag 16.04.2024 14.15-16.00 Uhr Swiss TPH Neubau, Seminarraum 2
Dienstag 23.04.2024 14.15-16.00 Uhr Swiss TPH Neubau, Seminarraum 2
Dienstag 30.04.2024 14.15-16.00 Uhr Swiss TPH Neubau, Seminarraum 2
Dienstag 07.05.2024 14.15-16.00 Uhr Swiss TPH Neubau, Seminarraum 2
Dienstag 14.05.2024 14.15-16.00 Uhr Swiss TPH Neubau, Seminarraum 5
Dienstag 21.05.2024 14.15-16.00 Uhr Swiss TPH Neubau, Seminarraum 2
Dienstag 28.05.2024 13.15-16.00 Uhr Swiss TPH Neubau, Seminarraum 2
Module Modul: Advances in Epidemiology, Statistics and Global & Public Health (Masterstudium: Epidemiologie)
Leistungsüberprüfung Lehrveranst.-begleitend
Hinweise zur Leistungsüberprüfung Students work on a short proposal for an implementation research project which is presented and discussed at the final seminar.
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Zuständige Fakultät Philosophisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät, studiendekanat-philnat@unibas.ch
Anbietende Organisationseinheit Schweizerisches Tropen- und Public Health-Institut