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28421-01 - Lecture: Materials Science and Biomaterials 6 CP

Semester fall semester 2018
Course frequency Every fall sem.
Lecturers Bernd Ilgenstein (
Kurt Hans Jäger (
Srinivas Madduri (
Bert Müller (, Assessor)
Amin Sadeghpour Dilmaghani (
Azhar Zam (
Content Based on the fundamentals in materials science, the relations between structure and function/property of biomaterials are derived. Bone implants belong to crystalline solids. Their mechanical properties are given by the defect structure of the bulk material. The corrosion behavior, however, is determined by the implant's surface. Consequently, both bulk and surface structure of the implants have to be tailored. The characterization down to the atomic level is the main prerequisite for improvements. The lecture series also provides knowledge on selected fabrication procedures of different implants including phase transitions and thermally activated processes. The biocompatibility of the materials used for implants does not only depend on the chemical composition but also on the surface morphology. The specific host tissue determines the biocompatibility of the implant as well.
Learning objectives The students learn how
- to fabricate biomaterials
- to use biomaterials
- to exploit the structure-function relationship
- to tailor biomaterials with respect to corrosion behavior and biocompatibility.
Bibliography Ratner, Hoffmann, Schoen, Lemons: "Biomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine", 2nd edition, Elsevier Academic Press.


Language of instruction English
Weblink DBE
Use of digital media No specific media used
Course auditors welcome


Interval weekly
Date 19.09.2018 – 19.12.2018
Time Wednesday, 09.10-12.30 Gewerbestrasse 14, Vorlesungsraum DBE 14.03.002

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Modules Module: Biomedical Engineering (Master's Studies: Biomedical Engineering)
Assessment format proof of course participation
Assessment details individual oral examination, 30 min
Assessment registration/deregistration Reg./dereg.: course registr./cancel registr. via MOnA
Repeat examination one repetition, best attempt counts
Scale 1-6 0,5
Repeated registration as often as necessary
Responsible faculty Faculty of Medicine
Offered by Departement Biomedical Engineering (DBE)