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59975-01 - Seminar with practical course: Open science: principles and practices for better research 1 CP

Semester fall semester 2020
Course frequency Once only
Lecturers Tugba Akinci D'Antonoli (
Xeni Deligianni (
Francesco Santini (, Assessor)
Claudia Weidensteiner (


Language of instruction English
Use of digital media No specific media used


Interval Weekday Time Room

No dates available. Please contact the lecturer.

Modules Doctorate Biomedical Engineering: Recommendations (PhD subject: Biomedical Engineering (Start of studies before 01.02.2015))
Doctorate Biomedical Engineering: Recommendations (PhD subject: Biomedical Engineering)
Assessment format continuous assessment
Assessment details Presence is mandatory; absences will be allowed under conditions.
To successfully complete the course, each participant will be expected to choose one paper relevant to the topic over the course of the semester, present it to the group and to conduct and participate in the topic discussion. The presentations will last 10 minutes and will take place on the "journal club" weeks when no external talk will occur, and the dates will be agreed upon among the participants and the organizers at the beginning of the course.
Assessment registration/deregistration Reg.: course registration; dereg.: teaching staff
Repeat examination no repeat examination
Scale Pass / Fail
Repeated registration no repetition
Responsible faculty Faculty of Medicine
Offered by Departement Biomedical Engineering (DBE)