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52317-01 - Colloquium: Presentation of Concepts of MSD Master's Thesis 1 CP

Semester spring semester 2021
Course frequency Every semester
Lecturers Paul Burger (, Assessor)
Patricia Holm (
Frank Christian Krysiak (
Content Within the study program of MSD 2017, students have to register 3 times in a 'master's thesis colloquium'. This colloquium is the second one (= colloquium B). The participants present the research questions and the research design used in their master's theses. They prepare their presentations in a way that is accessible to an interdisciplinary audience, focus on the relation of their research questions to sustainable development and the fit between these questions and the research design.

Learning objectives Participants learn
- to present research questions and a research concept to an interdisciplinary audience;
- to place their research questions in an appropriate sustainability context;
- to discuss research questions and concepts from other disciplines;
- to provide constructive feedback to their fellow students.
Comments Schedule spring semester 2021:
Meeting 1: 12.03.21: starts at 14.15h (duration depends on the number of presentations).
Meeting 2: 23.04.21: starts at 14.15h (duration depends on the number of presentations).
Meeting 3: 04.06.21: starts at 09.15h (duration depends on the number of presentations).

Details regarding duration of each meeting are published with the program (usually sent out around 10 days before the meeting takes place).

This course is offered by MSD: Prof. Dr. Patricia Holm, Paul Burger (lead) and Frank Krysiak are heading the MSD teaching committee.


Admission requirements Only for students of the MSD 2017 whose application of the "master's thesis" has been approved by the teaching committee. No other students admitted.
Course application Students have to register for a presentation on doodle:
For prerequisits see "Admission requirements". Presentation time slots according to announcements.

Registration on MOnA remains mandatory.
Language of instruction English
Use of digital media Online course


Interval irregular
Date 12.03.2021 – 04.06.2021
Time See details

on 12.03.21; 23.04.21 & 04.06.21: For details regarding schedule see "comments"

Date Time Room
Friday 12.03.2021 14.15-19.00 - Online Präsenz -, --
Friday 23.04.2021 14.15-19.00 - Online Präsenz -, --
Friday 04.06.2021 09.15-19.00 - Online Präsenz -, --
Modules Module: Interdisciplinary Research in Sustainability (Master's Studies: Sustainable Development)
Assessment format continuous assessment
Assessment details Regular attendance. Oral presentation of 15' minutes, followed by questions.
Assessment registration/deregistration Reg./dereg.: course registr./cancel registr. via MOnA
Repeat examination no repeat examination
Scale Pass / Fail
Repeated registration as often as necessary
Responsible faculty University of Basel
Offered by Departement Umweltwissenschaften