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64336-01 - Seminar: Interdisziplinäre (Flucht-)Migrationsforschung: Gemeinsame Zugänge über Fragen des Zugangs (Katekisama Contributions to Globality) 3 CP

Semester spring semester 2022
Course frequency Once only
Lecturers Lena Laube (
Maria Ullrich (
Barbara von Rütte (, Assessor)
Content ***This course is overbooked, please do not register anymore***
International migration and displacement are among the main challenges of the 21st century. In a world order based on nation-states and against the background of an insufficient international system for the protection of refugees, flight migration is confronted with numerous restrictions and challenges. This seminar focuses on questions of access in the context of global migratory movements. By means of an interdisciplinary approach, three main challenges will be covered: access to rights, protection and asylum; access to territories, spaces and cross-border mobility; and access to resources, citizenship and belonging. The seminar will discuss how the notion of «access» can be conceptualized and what novel insights can be gained through an interdisciplinary approach. In addition, the seminar will question in how far global inequality and power structures affect questions of access, in particular in the European context, and reflect on the implications this has for the global system of migration and freedom of movement.
The seminar aims not only to transcend the disciplinary boundaries between law, political science, and sociology, but also to bring together students from the Universities of Basel and Bonn as part of the Katekisama program between the Institute for European Global Studies of the University of Basel and the University of Bonn.
Learning objectives Students will study the basics of refugee and migration research from three different disciplinary perspectives and learn how to approach interdisciplinary research. Students will engage in a conversation across national and disciplinary borders and critically reflect on questions of access of refugees to rights, territories, and resources. They will equally be confronted with questions of social and global justice and analyze mechanisms of global inequality.
Bibliography Readings will be announced before the first session and made available.
Comments The seminar is offered as a block course. The following sessions are planned:

- 8.4.2022, 14:00-17:00 (introductory session)
- 29.4.2022, 14:00-18:00 (Block 1)
- 30.4.2022; 10:00-17;00 (Block 1)
- 13.5.2022; 14:00-18:00 (Block 2)
- 14.5.2022; 10:00-17:00 (Block 2)

The sessions will take place online or in a hybrid format.

The seminar will be taught in English, reading skills in German are required.
Weblink Europainstitut


Admission requirements ***This course is overbooked, please do not register anymore***
The number of participants from the University of Basel is limited to 10 persons. Participants are selected by date of enrolment. Priority is given to students enrolled in the MA European Global Studies.
Course application ***This course is overbooked, please do not register anymore***
Language of instruction English
Use of digital media No specific media used


Interval Weekday Time Room
unregelmässig See individual dates
Comments Das Seminar wird als hybrides Blockseminar angeboten.


Date Time Room
Friday 08.04.2022 14.00-17.00 - Online Präsenz -, --
Friday 29.04.2022 14.00-18.00 - Online Präsenz -, --
Saturday 30.04.2022 10.00-17.00 - Online Präsenz -, --
Friday 13.05.2022 14.00-18.00 Riehenstrasse 154, Hörsaal 00.015
Saturday 14.05.2022 10.00-17.00 Riehenstrasse 154, Hörsaal 00.015
Modules Modul: Fields: Governance and Politics (Master's degree program: African Studies)
Modul: Transfer: Europa interdisziplinär (Master's degree program: European History in Global Perspective)
Vertiefungsmodul Global Europe: Arbeit, Migration und Gesellschaft (Master's Studies: European Global Studies)
Assessment format continuous assessment
Assessment details Students have to make an oral contribution during the sessions and submit a written essay as a final assessment.
Students are expected to prepare and actively participate in class.
Assessment registration/deregistration Reg.: course registration; dereg.: not required
Repeat examination no repeat examination
Scale 1-6 0,5
Repeated registration no repetition
Responsible faculty University of Basel
Offered by Europainstitut