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Courses of spring semester 2021 will be held online at least until Eastern.
Please pay attention to the current information of the University of Basel about the coronavirus.


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Semester No. Format Title Lecturers CP Time and place Aud.
2020005ss 2021 56650-01 Lecture Chemistry, physics and biological applications of colloidal nanocrystals Jonathan De Roo
3 3Wednesday, 09.15-10.00
- Online Präsenz -
4Thursday, 10.00-12.00
- Online Präsenz -
2020005ss 2021 60053-01 Lecture Modern topics in molecular and chemical physics: From cold molecules to quantum logic Ziv Meir
Stefan Willitsch
3 3Wednesday, 10.15-12.00
- Online Präsenz -
4Thursday, 09.15-10.00
- Online Präsenz -
2020005ss 2021 24284-01 Seminar Structural Biology and Biophysics II Stephan Grzesiek
Sebastian Hiller
Roderick Lim
Timm Maier
1 See details
2020005ss 2021 47177-01 Proseminar Condensed Matter Physics Jelena Klinovaja
Daniel Loss
Ilaria Zardo
Dominik Zumbühl
4 4Thursday, 12.15-14.00
Physik, Seminarzimmer 4.1
2020005ss 2021 43140-01 Proseminar Nuclear and Particle Physics Bernd Krusche
2020005ss 2021 60371-01 Lecture with practical courses Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics Jelena Klinovaja
Katharina Laubscher
Daniel Loss
Dmitry Miserev
Flavio Ronetti
4 1Monday, 14.15-16.00
- Online Präsenz -
4Thursday, 16.15-18.00
- Online Präsenz -
2020005ss 2021 24346-01 Lecture with practical courses Surface Physics Thilo Glatzel
Thomas Jung
Bert Müller
Frithjof Nolting
Andriy Romanyuk
4 2Tuesday, 08.15-10.00
Physik, Sitzungszimmer 1.09
2020005ss 2021 41659-01 Lecture with practical courses Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics II Stefan Antusch
4 2Tuesday, 14.00-16.00
Physik, Seminarzimmer 4.1
4Thursday, 14.00-16.00
Physik, Seminarzimmer 3.12
2020005ss 2021 48171-01 Block course Introducing photons, neutrons and muons for condensed matter physics and materials science Michel Kenzelmann
Frithjof Nolting
2 See details
2020005ss 2021 19656-01 Main lecture with practical course Physics of Life II Thomas Braun
Nikolaus Dietz
Stephan Grzesiek
Roman Peter Jakob
4 1Monday, 10.15-12.00
- Online Präsenz -
4Thursday, 11.15-13.00
- Online Präsenz -
2020005ss 2021 60118-01 Research seminar Nano- and Quantum Physics Patrick Maletinsky
1 1Monday, 16.15-18.00
- Online Präsenz -
2020005ss 2021 60117-01 Research seminar Nuclear-, Particle- und Astrophysics Stefan Antusch
1 4Thursday, 17.15-19.00
- Online Präsenz -
2020005ss 2021 60119-01 Research seminar Recent literature in cosmology and particle physics Stefan Antusch
1 4Thursday, 12.15-13.15
- Online Präsenz -
2020005ss 2021 60112-01 Research seminar Special topics in particle physics and cosmology Stefan Antusch
1 2Tuesday, 16.15-18.00
- Online Präsenz -
2020005ss 2021 60123-01 Research seminar Special Topics in Physics and Chemistry at Surfaces: Photon and Local Probe Experiments Thomas Jung
2020005ss 2021 60120-01 Research seminar Theoretical condensed matter physics Jelena Klinovaja
Daniel Loss
1 4Thursday, 14.15-16.00
- Online Präsenz -


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