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37839-01 - Lecture: Molecular and carbon-based electronic systems 2 CP

Semester spring semester 2018
Course frequency Irregular
Lecturers Michel Calame (, Assessor)
Thilo Glatzel (
Content Carbon-based materials have generated a wealth of interest in the recent years, both on the fundamental side as well as on the technological side. The lecture will provide a broad insight into nanoscale carbon-based materials, from their fundamental opto-electronic properties to their implementation in practical devices.
We will first discuss the electronic properties of carbon-based materials, focusing on low-dimensionality systems, starting from short molecules that can be seen as 0D quantum dots, to graphene, a 2D material with remarkable mechanical, electrical and optical properties. The experimental techniques to fabricate and electronically characterize such systems will then be addressed and their electronic transport properties discussed. Finally, we will extend the discussion to practical devices such as organic solar cells or ion-sensing field-effect transistors.
Bibliography Nanoelectronics and information technology: Advanced electronic materials and novel devices, 3rd. ed., R. Waser ed., Wiley-VCH (2012)
Molecular electronics An introduction to theory and experiment
J.-C. Cuevas & E. Scheer, World Scientific (2010)


Language of instruction English
Use of digital media No specific media used


Interval Weekday Time Room

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Modules Module Specialisation: Physics (Master Physics)
Module Specialisation: Physics (Master Nanosciences)
Assessment format continuous assessment
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Repeat examination no repeat examination
Scale 1-6 0,5
Repeated registration as often as necessary
Responsible faculty Faculty of Science,
Offered by Departement Physik