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55054-01 - Seminar: Basel Seminars in Neuroscience: presentation and discussion of timely subjects with prominent neuroscientists 2 CP

Semester fall semester 2019
Course frequency Once only
Lecturers Silvia Arber (, Assessor)
Pico Caroni (
Content Guest speakers report on their research areas, which deal with neuroscientific questions from basic research and medicine. Participants can meet guest speakers for a chat. Contact person for an appointment is host / host.
Weblink Neuronetwork


Language of instruction English
Use of digital media No specific media used


Interval weekly
Date 30.01.2020 – 30.01.2020
Time Thursday, 11.30-13.00 Friedrich Miescher Institut (FMI), Seminarraum

incl. semester break
IMPORTANT: Please show up 10 minutes before beginning of the seminar at the Porte. Thanks!

Date Time Room
Thursday 30.01.2020 11.30-13.00 Pharmazentrum, Hörsaal 2
Modules Doctorate Biochemistry: Recommendations (PhD subject Biochemistry)
Doctorate Biophysics: Recommendations (PhD subject Biophysics)
Doctorate Cell Biology: Recommendations (PhD subject Cell Biology)
Doctorate Computational Biology: Recommendations (PhD subject Computational Biology)
Doctorate Genetics: Recommendations (PhD subject Genetics)
Doctorate Microbiology: Recommendations (PhD subject Microbiology)
Doctorate Molecular Biology: Recommendations (PhD subject Molecular Biology)
Doctorate Neurobiology: Recommendations (PhD subject Neurobiology)
Doctorate Pharmacology: Recommendations (PhD subject Pharmacology)
Doctorate Structural Biology: Recommendations (PhD subject Structural Biology)
Master's Studies Molecular Biology: Further Courses (Master's Studies: Molecular Biology)
Assessment format continuous assessment
Assessment details see assessment information on
Assessment registration/deregistration Reg./dereg.: course registr./cancel registr. via MOnA
Repeat examination no repeat examination
Scale Pass / Fail
Repeated registration no repetition
Responsible faculty Faculty of Science,
Offered by Departement Biozentrum