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52377-01 - Main lecture: Introduction to Topology 6 CP

Semester fall semester 2020
Course frequency Irregular
Lecturers Egor Yasinsky (, Assessor)
Content Structures and spaces: topological spaces, metric spaces, bases. Position of a point with respect to a set: interior, exterior, boundary. Continuous maps, homeomorphisms. Topological constructions.
Topological properties: connectedness, path connectedness, compactness. Separation axioms.
Tychonoff theorem.
Elements of algebraic topology. Homotopy. Fundamental groups.
Depending on time, we shall spend some time in the topological zoo: graphs, surfaces (maybe even classification of those).
Learning objectives Die Studierenden
- verstehen fundamentale topologische Begriffe und Zusammenhänge,
- können diese in verschiedenen Teilbereichen der Mathematik erkennen und anwenden,
- können Fundamentalgruppen verwenden.
Bibliography Lecture script
Klaus Jänich, Topologie. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2005
A. B. Sossinsky, Topology I. Independent University of Moscow
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Admission requirements Algebra I, Analysis I.
Language of instruction English
Use of digital media No specific media used
Course auditors welcome


Interval Weekday Time Room

No dates available. Please contact the lecturer.

Modules Module: Algebra and Number Theory (Bachelor's Studies: Mathematics)
Assessment format main lecture exam
Assessment details Written final exam (solving problems + some theory). It is mandatory to hand in exercises every week. They are evaluated by assistants, who gave you the points. To participate in the final exam, you have to get about 60% of points in total.
Assessment registration/deregistration Reg.: in 'course reg.'; dereg.: Dean of Std. Off. in writing
Repeat examination one repetition, best attempt counts
Scale 1-6 0,5
Repeated registration no repetition
Responsible faculty Faculty of Science,
Offered by Fachbereich Mathematik