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24172-01 - Field trip: Marine Biological Considerations at the Strait of Gibraltar 3 CP

Semester spring semester 2023
Course frequency Every spring sem.
Lecturers Serena Abel (
Patricia Holm (, Assessor)
Content Practical studies of the food web (plankton, invertebrates, predators) and key aspects of a selected ecosystem. Theoretical background of selected topics at the intersection of aquatic biology of either freshwater or marine systems in interaction with anthropogenic factors.
Learning objectives Students
- are able to distinguish key species of the food web;
- have a knowledge about their habitat requirements and basic knowledge on their interactions with abiotic and biotic factors in their ecosystem;
- know typical fields of conflict between man and nature;
and are able to critically discuss possible solutions.

Bibliography tba
Comments Note: Special course inscription and entry requirements!

Within the MSD, credit points may be transferred to the module "Focal Areas in Sustainability Research" (learning agreement) (all students). Students with focus area in natural sciences may also accredit the course within the published module.

- preliminary meeting: 21. February 2023, 18.15h; seminar room 02.02, Vesalianum, Vesalgasse1/2nd floor.
- preperation meetings: 21. & 22. June 2023, 09.15 - aprox. 16.00h, seminar room 02.02, Vesalianum, Vesalgasse1/2nd floor.
- field trip: Sun 25.06.23 (arrival day) - Sun 02.07.23 (departure day). Details will be provided to participants in due time.

This field trip is offered by the MSD. Prof. Dr. Patricia Holm is a member of the teaching committee MSD. Furthermore, she heads the research group Man-Society-Environment (Mensch-Gesellschaft-Umwelt MGU) and the program "Pathways to sustainability".
Serena Abel is a post doc team member of the research group MGU.


Admission requirements Special course application required for ALL (for details see "course application" or "Anmeldung").

Limited number of participants (19), Students of the MSD and those of the mentioned fields of study have a first priority (see list of modules). Students of the bachelor’s degree in Biology have been registered at least during 2 semesters in this field of study - incl. spring semester 23).

If you study something different you must do at least a master's degree within the Departement of Enviromental Sciences/Faculty of Sciences and may attend the course in case of vacancies.

MSD 2017
Students of the MSD who have chosen the focus area in social sciences or in economics must have completed the 'Complementary Knowledge in Natural Sciences' module (or at least earned 8 CP; incl. spring semester 2022).

Course application Please note entry requirements (for details see section "admission requirements".

Mandatory application for ALL! Link open from 21.02.23/7.15 pm-08.03.23/midnight:

Login and application only possible with open link. Link guides to the ADAM website. Login button on top row right hand side of ADAM website. First emails with confirmation of participation will be sent out at the end of the first deadline.

In case of vacancies the online application link remains open until 19.03.23/ midnight.

Course enrollment on MOnA should be completed by the beginning of the teaching period (withdrawal possible until Monday of teaching week five).
Language of instruction English
Use of digital media No specific media used


Interval Weekday Time Room
unregelmässig See individual dates
Comments Preliminary meeting: 21.02.22: 18.15-aprox. 19.15h; preparation days: 21. + 22.06.23: 09:15 - 16:00h; field trip: Sun 25.06.23 (arrival) - Sun 02.07.23 (departure).


Date Time Room
Tuesday 21.02.2023 18.15-19.15 Vesalianum, Seminarraum (O2.02)
Wednesday 21.06.2023 09.15-16.00 Vesalianum, Seminarraum (O2.02)
Thursday 22.06.2023 09.15-16.00 Vesalianum, Seminarraum (O2.02)
Sunday 02.07.2023 07.00-19.00 - Siehe Bemerkung, --
Modules Courses: Master's Studies Animal Biology (Master's Studies: Animal Biology)
Electives Bachelor Biology: Recommendations (Bachelor's Studies: Biology)
Electives Bachelor Biology: Recommendations (Bachelor's Studies: Biology (Start of studies before 01.08.2022))
Module: Core Competences in Natural Sciences (Master's Studies: Sustainable Development)
Assessment format continuous assessment
Assessment details Oral presentation, practical work, final report. Mandatory attendance.
Assessment registration/deregistration Reg.: course registration, dereg: cancel course registration
Repeat examination no repeat examination
Scale 1-6 0,1
Repeated registration as often as necessary
Responsible faculty University of Basel
Offered by Departement Umweltwissenschaften