Semester planning

fall semester 2023 (course registration period: 01.08.2023 to 16.10.2023)


    Semester No. Format Title Lecturers CP Time and place Aud.
    2023004fs 2023 69085-01 Seminar Contemporary Debates in Bioethics: Racism in Medicine and Research: Navigating Through Wicked Problems David Mawufemor Azilagbetor
    Bernice Simone Elger
    Lester Geneviève
    Aoife Milford
    2 1Monday, 12.15-13.45
    USB Gebäude B, Hörsaal 1
    2023004fs 2023 31801-01 Seminar Empirical research in bioethics: qualitative and quantitative methods Bernice Simone Elger
    Andrea Martani
    Tenzin Wangmo
    2 See details
    2023004fs 2023 62377-01 Seminar Methods in Bioethics: Research Design and Implementation Tenzin Wangmo
    2 See details
    2023004fs 2023 67687-01 Seminar Selbstbestimmung in der Fortpflanzung? Matthias Till Bürgin
    Daniel Kipfer
    6 5Friday, 09.15-12.00
    Juristische Fakultät, Seminarraum S10 HG.45
    every two weeks
    2023004fs 2023 69082-01 Block course Ethics and Ageing Nadine Felber
    Yi Jiao Tian
    Tenzin Wangmo
    2 See details
    2023004fs 2023 69084-01 Block course Ethics in Science and Medicine: Replacement, Reduction and Refinement - Ethical, Legal and Practical Issues Related to the Implementation of the 3R Bernice Simone Elger
    3 See details
    2023004fs 2023 69083-01 Block course Regulating Genome Editing: quo vadis? Andrea Martani
    2 See details