Semester planning

fall semester 2020 (course registration period: 01.08.2020 to 12.10.2020)


    Semester No. Format Title Lecturers CP Time and place Aud.
    2020004fs 2020 11014-01 Internship Nanowissenschaften Thomas Braun
    Michel Calame
    Jonathan De Roo
    Markus Dürrenberger
    Thilo Glatzel
    Sebastian Hiller Odermatt
    Thomas Jung
    Michel Kenzelmann
    Valentin Köhler
    Roderick Lim
    Laurent Marot
    Marcel Mayor
    Wolfgang P. Meier
    Markus Meuwly
    Ernst Meyer
    Michael Nash
    Martino Poggio
    Christian Schönenberger
    Cora-Ann Schönenberger
    Christof Sparr
    Henning Stahlberg
    Konrad Tiefenbacher
    Philipp Treutlein
    Anatole von Lilienfeld
    Thomas R. Ward
    Oliver Wenger
    Stefan Willitsch
    Dominik Zumbühl
    2020004fs 2020 28391-01 Lecture with internship Nanostructures: Processing and Characterization Techniques Thilo Glatzel
    Thomas Jung
    Andriy Romanyuk
    3 2Tuesday, 08.15-10.00
    - Online Präsenz -
    2020004fs 2020 58499-01 Research seminar Special Topics in Physics and Chemistry at Surfaces: Photon and Local Probe Experiments Thomas Jung