Semester planning

spring semester 2021 (course registration period: 01.01.2021 to 12.04.2021)


    Semester No. Format Title Lecturers CP Time and place Aud.
    2020005ss 2021 60809-01 Seminar Navigation, Robotics and Lasers in Surgery Georg Rauter
    2020005ss 2021 48882-01 Lecture with practical courses Applied control Nicolas Gerig
    Georg Rauter
    5 1Monday, 08.15-11.00
    - Online Präsenz -
    2020005ss 2021 58352-01 Block course Applications of machine learning in the medical field Philippe Claude Cattin
    Christoph Jud
    Georg Rauter
    Robin Sandkühler
    1 See details
    2020005ss 2021 55664-01 Block course Rapid prototyping for measurement systems, automation, control, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality Nicolas Gerig
    Georg Rauter
    2 See details